Summer Youth program


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Our Invitation to You

We invite and encourage community support of the gardens!  Join us to weed a row, harvest a row and more!  Participants can take home organic healthy nutritious food. Come join us for work days & nights at our gardens.

Boyd Community Garden work nights are Tuesday’s from 5-7PM, located at 11th and State.

Alamosa Elementary Garden work days are Wednesday’s from 3-6PM, located at 1709 W 10th St on the North East corner.


We are community members, parents and volunteers supporting healthy food being grown in the Valley. We offer hands-on educational workshops covering nutrition, gardening and all phases of plant growth. We invite and encourage community support of the greenhouses, gardens, come weed a row, plant a row, harvest a row. Participants can take home organic healthy nutritious food. Please explore our website to learn more about us, our gardens and programs, and how you can become a part of Alamosa Community Gardens.

We are currently under re-construction, please check back often.




Recent or Upcoming Events

First Day at the Farmer’s Market: Scavenger Hunt

First day of the Farmer’s Market will be July 6th. Come by our booth to have fun and to learn more about what is going on with Alamosa Community Gardens.

Garden Camp Day 4: Paper Making & Poetry

On June 27th the children will be exercising their powers of observation, creativity, and understanding of “Reuse, Recycle, Reduce” through fun activities such as paper making and exploring the gardens for inspiration for their poetry. Please remember to have your kid bring a bottle of water!

Garden Camp Day 3: Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!

On June 20th children learned about bees from professional beekeeper Karen Lemke and did activities and crafts based on the creatures that help keep the gardens growing.

Call To Action

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